The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve,, is an economic development reserve and advisory established to promote distributed inclusive economic development for the urban working poor in emerging markets. The economic development model is focused on financially inclusive wealth distribution through a micro finance platform which promotes adoption and participation. The basis of the model is on early and direct distribution to the individual of a 'micro asset' via a process called 'Social Proof of Work'.

Through the issuance and support of the ARCC (Asia Reserve Currency Coin). intends to break the cycle of poverty, corruption and wealth disparity in urban emerging markets through the decentralized network effect of blockchain technology.

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IBMR is introducing a new economic system designed with the world's first 'microasset,' as a tool for economic development in failing emerging markets. The Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, enables financial inclusion of the urban working poor through access to debt-free capital for entrepreneurial investment.

Current microfinance models are exploitative of the urban working poor, relying on a credit/debt cycle that perpetuates wealth disparity and gross social inequality. Through the innovation of cryptocurrencies, we have designed a digital reserve currency which derives it value through traditional currency reserve structures and from exponential decentralized network effects. Our aim is to tackle the most difficult structural problems of failing emerging markets namely, social transparency, wealth disparity and local market instability.

Please read the ARCC White Paper and our ARCC Token Launch Presentation to understand how this is now possible through the innovation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
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The buyer will participation in an a Cycle is the result of the multiplication of the Cycle Quota (Total ARCC available for that daily auction) multiplied by a fraction (a) the nominator of which is the amount of BNB or BTC tokens received in the Vendor Smart Contract from the Buyer in the specific Cycle ("Buyer's Incoming Tokens in Specific Cycle"), and (b) the denominator of which is the total amount of BNB or BTC tokens received in the Vendor Smart Contract in such Cycle ("Total Incoming Tokens in Such Cycle").
Token Protocol
Initial Minted Supply
BEP2 on Binance Chain
Direct sale through Launch Platform
8 days
88,888,888 (10%) of ARCC
0.08 USD Equivalent
BNB and/or BTC
November 28, 2019
Auction through Launch Platform
324 days
Total Supply for Sale
800,000,000 (90%) of ARCC
Determined daily through auction
Tokens Accepted
BNB and/or BTC
Sale Start Date
March 18, 2019
Auction Cycle Period
12 hours daily
Auction Cycle Daily Start
8:00 GMT+8
Auction Cycle Daily End
20:00 GMT+8
Auction Type
Prorated Contribution
Total Supply for Sale
Tokens Accepted
Sale Start Date
Buyer A contributes 1 BNB

Buyer B contributes 2 BNB

Buyer C contributes 1 BNB
If there are no more contributors when the auction ends, then the 1000 ARCC Tokens is distributed by the Buyer's prorated contribution.
There are 1000 ARCC tokens available for the Cycle Quota (daily auction supply) and the contributors are as follows;
Buyer A gets 250 ARCC Tokens (25%)

Buyer B gets 500 ARCC Tokens (50%)

Buyer C gets 250 ARCC Tokens (25%)
The daily distribution of total tokens for the Auction will change according to 18 different tiers, each lasting for 18 days. The schedule is as follows:
ARCC will be issued as Binance Chain BEP2 Token. As such, we ask that all participants make a Binance DEX account for the receipt of ARCC in the case of purchase. More information can be found directly here:
ARCC =143,342 USD
1,173% funded
45% Development
10% Development
55% Reserve Structure
90% Reserve Structure
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